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Mailbox Order Trophy Wives

Mail order trophy spouses

The idea of a mail order trophy wife has been around for some time now. It is a term that identifies a young, beautiful woman that is married to a wealthy gentleman. The term is normally used in a derogatory way and means that she has minor personal merit besides her physical wonder, requires significant expense intended for maintaining her appearance, and does very little of substance outside of remaining gorgeous.

However , according to sociologist Doctor Elizabeth McClintock, the ‘trophy wife’ stereotype is normally not a general truth. Actually her explore shows that good-looking men normally partner with rather women and powerful men with successful ladies.

In her study, Dr McClintock evaluated 543 young couples – including both those who had currently married the actual still going out with – and rated these people for their physical attractiveness. Consequently she researched these data to see if there was any kind of evidence that beauty and money were exchanged in marriages.

What the woman found was that the evidence of a beauty-money exchange was very small – and completely disappeared in more fully commited couples. In addition, she discovered that the social course barriers within wedding market were relatively gabardina.

While it applies that many powerful, good-looking men seek out women who are personally attractive, this does not indicate they will necessarily end up with a trophy partner. The fact is that a great number of women are simply just as individually successful, dependable and abundant as their partners.