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Hydroil bypass separators downloads

For Car Parks, Industrial Estates, Roadways , SuDS. Model (Drainage Area Sq/m). Prices correct as of November 2021 for scheme budgeting purposes. Contact Marsh Industries for full details. Additional options are available.

The Marsh:Hydroil bypass separator range has 19 models ranging from NSBP3 (1,700) – NSBP150 (84,990). 8 standard models are available here. See the table below for other models and prices.

ModelTypeMax FlowArea Drained (sq/m)Prices from:
NSBP3Bypass Separator301,700£924
NSBP4.5Bypass Separator452,550£976
NSBP6Bypass Separator603,400£1,053
NSBP8Bypass Separator 804,530£1,414
NSBP10Bypass Separator 1005,660£1,499
NSBP18Bypass Separator 1809,940£2,626
NSBP30Bypass Separator 30017,000£3,268
NSBP40Bypass Separator 40022,650£3,999
NSBP60Bypass Separator 60032,333£6,560
NSBP70Bypass Separator 70036,665£7,863
NSBP80Bypass Separator 80045,330£8,958